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Our Ski and Snowboard Equipment

We rent top of the line ski and snowboard equipment from Salomon and Burton, best suited for powder snow and big mountain skiing and snowboarding. All are freshly tuned after every rental.

Rossignol Super 7


Our most popular powder ski.  A fat ski that rails like a train.  We want powder from peak to valley but realistically you have to get back to the lift at some point.  The Super 7 will keep you on the surface to the hero snow up top but allow you to enjoy the rest of the run back to the lifts.

Sizes 164, 172, 180, 188

Rossignol Soul 7


The Soul 7 make you fell like a rock star in every condition.  Prepare yourself for effortless floatation with the 106mm waist width and "air tip".  The innovative combination of rocker, camber, and sidecut the Soul 7 provides the ultimate in stability, steering, and speed control.

Rocky Mountain Underground North Shore 114


Sizes 175, 185

Rocky Mountain Underground North Shore 108

Sizes 165, 175, 185, 195

Salomon QST 106


Your your playful, everyday powder ski.  The waist width and rocker profile provide more than enough float for all but the deepest days and even then it's more than managable.  Through the cut up, junk, and crud it is accurate, quick, and forgiving. It is plenty stable on groomers making it fun to go from point A to point B where wider skis may leave you wishing you were at the chair already.

Sizes 167, 174, 181, 188

Salomon QST 118

With a generous 118mm waist this ski is turny and nicely balanced with limosine smooth turns at almost any sane speed.  An energenic ski that will handle the biggest dumps Revelstoke has to offer.  

Sizes 178, 185, 192

Rocky Mountain Underground Apostle 106


Sizes 165, 175, 185

Meier Big Hoss


Sizes 175, 185, 185

Meier Heritage Tour


Sizes 174, 184

Line Supernatural 100

The Line Supernatural offers the best of both worlds.  The moderate waist width combined with a little rocker in the tip keeps you floating in the light stuff.  With a flat tail and plenty of camber the Hardside delivers precision and confidence on the groomers and in the crud.  A stiff ski for aggressive skiers.

Sizes 172, 179, 186

Line SickDay 110

The Line SickDay is a moderatiely tapered Pow ski.  The 110mm waist will keep you floating in the pow and the sidecut and camber will let you rip back to the lifts.

Sizes 172, 179, 186

Line Mordecai


Line Sir Francis Bacon


Line Sick Day 94


Salomon Q90


The Q90 is a predictable ski for skiers looking to start exploring new terrain and depelop their off piste skills. With a full wood core and all mountain rocker, skiers get stability and precise skiing on groomers, but gain the advantage of a 90mm waist width for confident skiing in crud and mixed snow.  The early rise tail enables easy turn release, for confidence wherever your aspirations take you.

Sizes 161, 169, 177, 185

Salomon Tornado

Salomon Tornado

Salomons most precise all mountain ski.  This ski is happiest on the groomers but versitile enough to handle some light stuff on the side.

Sizes 159, 166, 173, 180

Line Pandora 95


Rossignol Super 7 (Women's)


Super 7 Womens

Salomon Stella (Women's)


Stella.  Women's pow ski.

Sizes 159, 167

K2 Remedy 102 (Women's)

K2 Remedy 102

The K2 Remedy's "All Terrain Rocker" combined with a hearty waist width allows for a playful and nimble freeride ski with the ability to float, slash, and carve.  The perfect ski for powder in the morning and chopped up groomers in the afternoon.

Sizes 149, 159, 169

Salomon Lux (Women's)


For those who stick mostly to the groomed trails the Lux is stable and predictalble.  With a little rocker in the tip you can sneak off the sides and in the trees to explore if you wish.

Sizes 151, 159, 169

Rossignol Soul 7 (Women's)


Whether chasing first track, exploring secret stashes, or simply skiing all mountain... the Soul 7W is the perfect ski for everything.  The light weight "air tip" keeps you skiis naturally above the snow for fatigue free maneuverability.

Jones Mountain Twin

For the rider who makes the whole mountain a park and likes to ride powder in the backcounty... the Mountain Twin is the ideal board for big lines, drops and powder.  Rocker in the nose and tail keeps the tips playful and gives you float in the powder. Traditional camber underfoot adds pop and allows the board to maintain that powderful.  Like a serated knofe slicing into the snow, Jones' patented "mellow magna-traction" lets you really lock in your turns.

Sizes 157, 160, 158wide, 161wide, 164wide

Salomon Assassin

A powder hungry park board for both on and off piste performance.  The pow rocker profile (early rise tip and tail) makes light work of keeping afloat while the true twin shape lets you ride and land switch.  The rocqualizer sidecut helps hold and edge even in the hardest of conditions.

Sizes 153, 155, 158, 157wide, 160 wide

Jones Flagship

Jones Hovercraft


Looking for a snowboard that will float in chest deep powder, but short enough for agile tree line surfing and tight chute slashing?  With the surface area of a 178 packe into a 158 frame this board will take you where you have only dreamed.  Bring the Hovercraft out on storm days or when you knowits going to be deep and you'll be talking about this board in the gondola for years to come.

Sizes 156, 160

Jones Mind Expander

Mindexpander  Sizes 154

Burton Fish

 burton fish

When you're absolutely pitted, goggles cakes and rendered useless, choking on turn after bottomless turn, there's no better friend than the Fish.  Build for speed and tapered more than any board in the line, the Fish features a Swallow Tail and S-Rocker to maximize float, punch, and acceleration.

Sizes 150, 160, 164

Kindred Black Creek


Kindred Black Creek Sizes 158, 162

Salomon First Call

A taperd twin with powder rocker gets you to all the hidden stashes.  The twin shape allows you to ride switch but the rocker/taper combination gives you plenty of float on the deep days.


Trapper Ursa Split

Trapper Ursa

Do you want to spend a day in the backcountry looking for your own untracked powder to ride?  The Ursa will let you skin to the top and slash your way back down.   With rocker in the nose for float in the pow and traditional camber from the front foot back you can ride the steepest face or cruise through the trees with confidence.

Sizes 156, 161, 166



The name says it all.  A pow slashing machine.  Super nimble in the trees.  Size down 5-10cm from your regular board.

Size 142, 147, 157

Jones Twin Sister (women's)

 Built tough, yet with a forgiving flex for riders who will thing twice. 

Sizes 149, 152

Salomon Pillow Talk (women's)


Salomon Lark (women's)

 Salomon Lark

The perfect board for cruising the groomers with a slight rocker in the tip and tail to help it cut through any crud and float in the soft stuff.

Sizes 143, 147, 151

Jones Explorer Splitboard

Explorer Split

Burton No Fish

 no fish

The first snowboards had no bindings.  Get back to your roots, find some fresh pow and feel the freedom of riding without bindings,  The No Fish is a fish shaped board with a big rubber traction pad for grip.  Youtube "noboard" if you don't believe us!

Jones Solution Splitboard

Solution split

Jones Dream Catcher Splitboard (women's)

 Dream Catcher split

Jones Hovercraft Splitboard

Hovercraft split Sizes: 160cm

Kindred Cumberland Gap

Kindred Cumberland Gap Splitboard