Serious equipment for serious mountains

Phone: 1 866 604 SNOW


We find that most of our reservations are too specific for a generic form.  Please send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will be happy to make your booking.  Information that we like to have is: 1) First day of skiing  2) Type of skiing ie resort, heli/cat, backcounty,  3) Number of days.  We will look after all the paperwork and payment when you arrive.


Option 1:  Email

Option 2: Phone

Toll Free @ 1-866-604-7669 or 250-814-4769

Notes:  Condtions and weather vary from one day until the next.  Therefore most guests wait until they arrive before choosing a ski or snowboard.  You are welcome to reserve a specific ski if there is something that you would prefer to start on.  Please include the model and length and we will make sure to have it waiting for you.  As always, you can switch skis as often as you like at no charge.